A Review Paper on Using of Waste and Recycled Materials in Performance of Concrete Structures

  • Ola Adel Qasim Civil Engineering Department, AL- Mansour University College, Baghdad, Iraq.
  • Qassim Ali Al-Quraishy Civil Engineering Department, AL- Mansour University College, Baghdad, Iraq.
Keywords: Recycle material, Waste, Review, Aggregate, Replacement, Cement, Concrete, Compressive Strength.


A study of some research suggested that the utilization of reusable materials has a constructive outcome through various perspectives. This incorporates the upsides of enhancing the support of improvement work while lessening costs, giving responses to pollution of the environment and decreasing the requirement for normal supplies. In this examination, an audit was directed to find prevailing methods in the utilization of waste and reusable materials being developed work. The outcomes showed that a few associations didn't know about access, the nature of the usage of the materials, cost assets, or some different favorable circumstances, including ecological advantages. In like manner, they were portrayed to give better documentation to the Green Foundation, connecting industry examinations with a chart of what can be gotten to from various materials being developed applications. Endeavors ought to be inventive in utilizing reusable materials and lessening their reliance on crude materials. Moreover, more data and high-grade documentation is required to enable waste and reusable materials to be utilized for advancement work. In light of this audit of past research, this examination is a survey of the utilization of waste and reused materials in the performance of the concrete structure.