A Embedded Scheme for Datahiding in Digital Images

  • D Priyanka M.E Research scholar, Embedded System Technologies, Nandha Engineering College (Autonomous), Erode, India
Keywords: Data, Digital, Technology.


In this paper, a based data embedding scheme is proposed, which converts secret information and image cover into residues. Since the residues represent the lowest levels of a continuous-tone image that human eyes are not sensitive to, the residues of cover can be considered as redundancy, which are replaced by the embedded residual data without introducing perceptible distortions. In addition, it provides additional security with a set of modulus. Simulation results demonstrate the proposed technique achieves higher imperceptibility and payload than other state-of-the-art techniques. Especially, when compared with the least significant bit (LSB) embedding technology, the cost of cover is reduced by 90.62% and the imperceptibility is increased by 4.87dB. Furthermore, in case of damage, the proposed method has a potential capability of lossless data recovery by the dynamic range adjustment technique.