Manganese, Magnesium, Iron salts and Methionine: a special ratatouille to eradicate and completely erase non genital warts and seborrheic warts.

  • lorenzo martini Department of Pharmaceutical technologies,University of Siena (IT)
Keywords: Non genital warts, seborrheic warts, Manganese salts, Magnesium salts, Methionine.


Our attempt is to defeat completely non sexual warts and seborrheic warts by administering orally a  suitable nutraceutical.

Our formula contains salts of  manganese, salts of  magnesium, salts of  iron and L-methionine at high dosages, besides many other ingredients, even though attention must be focused on these four chief ingredients.

Results are really interesting, since we observe that in 2 weeks all kinds of warts disappear at all.

It must be stressed that amongst the common routes of combating all types of warts, our remedy is very rapid (in one case it can be observed a dramatic amelioration after the fourth day of assumption of our pills), for instance treatment with Imiquimod or Sinecatechins require even 16 weeks and the time (or risk) of relapses may fall after 10-12 weeks.