A Review Paper on Specimens Size and Shape Effects on the Concrete Properties


  • Ola Adel Qasim Civil Engineering Department, AL- Mansour University College, Baghdad, Iraq.


Concrete properties, compressive strength, size effect, shape effect, Specimen size.


Concrete properties are the most essential and critical physical material property when reinforced concrete structures are planned. Because of the development and in types and nature of material used to enhance the concrete innovation, materials and mix proportions, test measure, mixing strategy, and testing condition have noteworthy impacts on highlights of concrete strength, in light of the fact that the control specimen sizes and shapes might be unique in relation from State to State. Testing of mechanical properties (especially compressive strength and tensile strength) of concrete is one of the most urgent stages of development. To control the nature of the concrete, there are different molds used for pouring concrete samples according to different directions in different countries. Many researchers have realized that the specific shapes and sizes of concrete samples can cause different types in the consequences of compressive strength or tensile strength. The relationship between the compressive strength of the concrete cube and the cylinder is complex. The cylinder and concrete cube samples were compared in the pressure test by studying previous research, including the test methodology, factors affecting the cylinder/cube strength ratio, and the coefficients, equations and components of the conversion factors. Previous attempts to determine experimental transformational relationships and conversion factors have proved that it is disturbing (if not impossible) to predict the relationships between the forces of the cylinder and the cube. Previous research has shown that the ratio of the strength of the cylinder/cube is between 0.65 and 0.90, despite the fact that the ratios outside this range have been found similarly. In light of this review of previous research, the test of the cylinder is not initiated by testing the cube. This study is a review of the sample size and shape effect on concrete properties.




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