Use of Waste Materials in Road Construction


  • Krushna Chandra Sethi Guest faculty in Civil Engineering Department, Gautam Buddha University, U. P, India.


Bituminous Concrete (BC), Marshall Stability, Flow value, Optimum Binder Content.


Bituminous Concrete (BC) is a composite material mostly used in construction projects like road surfacing, airports, parking lots, etc. It consists of asphalt or bitumen (used as a binder) and mineral aggregate which is mixed together & laid down in layers then compacted. Nowadays, the steady increment in high traffic intensity in terms of commercial vehicles, and the significant variation in daily and seasonal temperature put us in a demanding situation to think of some alternatives for the improvisation of the pavement characteristics and quality by applying some necessary modifications which shall satisfy both the strength as well as economical aspects. The present work depicts the use of a new modifier (liquid form) for the development of cost-effective and high performance modified binder and its mixes application for construction and maintenance of asphalt roads. The goal of improving bitumen properties is achieved using 0.5 percent of a copolymer Vinyl Acrylic. the need for the current hour is to use the waste polythene in some beneficial purposes. Lime & fly ash was used as a filler in modified bituminous concrete mixes. Various volumetric properties e.g. air voids, VMA, VFB and mechanical properties like Indirect tensile strength (ITS), Tensile strength Ratio (TSR), Retained stability, Marshall Stability, Flow value, are determined. Performance tests like Rutting, Resilient Modulus, Dynamic creep and fatigue were also conducted on conventional and modified mixes of VG-30.

Various percentages of polythene are used for the preparation of mixes with a selected aggregate grading as given in the IRC Code. The role of polythene in the mix is studied for various engineering properties by preparing Marshall Samples of BC mixtures with and without polymer.




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