A Survey on Encryption Algorithms–RSA, DES, AES, And SIT Algorithm


  • N Hemala M.E Research scholar, Embedded System Technologies, Nandha Engineering College (Autonomous), Erode, Tamilnadu, India.


Encryption, AES, DES, RSA, SIT.


Encryption is the way towards scrambling a message with the goal that just the proposed beneficiary can read it. Encryption can give methods for anchoring data. As more data is put away on PCs or conveyed by means of smart gadgets, the need to guarantee that this data is resistant to snooping as well as altering turns out to be more significant. With the quick movement of computerized information trade in an electronic way, Information Security is winding up considerably more essential in information stockpiling and transmission. Data Confidentiality has a noticeable criticalness in the investigation of morals, law and most as of late in Information Systems. With the advancement of human knowledge, the specialty of cryptography has turned out to be more mind-boggling with the end goal to make data more secure. Varieties of Encryption frameworks are being conveyed in the realm of Information Systems by different associations. In this paper, an overview of different Encryption Algorithms is introduced.




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